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How do I set up my Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express email?

NOTE: For illustration purposes, the screenshots below are from Outlook Express. Although the screens will look slightly different in Outlook, the steps involved are identical.
  1. With Outlook/Outlook Express open, choose Tools > Accounts...

  2. Click the Mail tab, then click the Add button and choose Mail...

  3. Type in your display name. This is the name that will recipients of your emails will see.

  4. Enter your full email address (ie. yourname@yourdomain.com). When you're done, click Next.

  5. Enter the mail server information. Incoming POP3 is pop3.siteyourself.com. Outgoing SMTP is smtp.siteyourself.com. When you're done, click Next.

  6. Enter your account name and password. Your account name is always your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS (ie. yourname@yourdomain.com). When you're done, click Next.

  7. Click Finish

  8. Before you're done you must set one more thing. Select the pop3.siteyourself.com account you just created, then click Properties.

  9. Under Outgoing Mail Server, check the box for My server requires authentication. When you're done, click OK, then Close.

That's it! You're now set up to start using your email.

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How do I read my email when I'm at another computer?