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How do I transfer my domain name?
When you purchased your domain name you should have received a username and password combination from your registrar. You will need this information in order to modify your domain name to point to our servers. If you do not have this information you will need to contact the company you purchased the domain name from.

Once you have this information you can login to the control panel of your Registrar's web site and make modifications to your domain name record. First, login to your Registrar's control panel and look for something called DNS, Domain Name Servers or Name Servers. You will need to modify these entries to reflect our Primary and Secondary Name Servers:

Primary Name Server

Secondary Name Server

Make sure that the entries above are the only ones showing, delete any others that are listed. Some registrars require you to verify this change via an email, be sure that you follow up with this if your registrar requires this.

Once you have successfully modified the DNS entries it can take 24-72 hours for them to propagate throughout the Internet. If you need assistance with any aspect of this please contact our support staff via customer support.

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